Journal Articles

  • Luca Pagani, Sarmila Bose, Qasim Ayub and Chris Tyler-Smith, ‘Kayasthas of Bengal: Legends, Genealogies, Genetics’, Economic and Political Weekly, 52 (47), 2017

‘Kayasthas of Bengal’, EPW v 52, no. 47 (2017)

  • TALK: ‘The Boses of Bengal: the Long History of Migration, Collaboration and Rebellion’, Bengal History Week, Brick Lane Circle, London, 23 October 2018.

Watch the talk here –

  • ‘Fragments of Memories: Researching Violence in the 1971 Bangladesh War’, History Workshop Journal, 73, Spring 2012

Fragments of Memories – HWJ vol 73, issue 1, Spring 2012

  • ‘The question of genocide and the quest for justice in the 1971 war’, Journal of Genocide Research, 13(4), 2011

JGR vol 13 no 4 2011

  • ‘Losing the Victims: Problems of Using Women as Weapons in Recounting the Bangladesh War’, Economic and Political Weekly, 42 (38), 2007

‘Losing the Victims’, EPW v 42 no. 38 (2007)

  • ‘Anatomy of Violence: Analysis of Civil War in East Pakistan in 1971’, Economic and Political Weekly, 40 (41), 2005

Anatomy of Violence, EPW v 40, no. 41 (2005)

  • ‘Love in the Time of War: Subhas Chandra Bose’s Journeys to Nazi Germany (1941) and towards the Soviet Union (1945), Economic and Political Weekly, 40 (3), 2005

‘Love in the Time of War’, EPW v 40 no. 3 (2005)

Selection of Media Articles in English

  • Response to Smriti Irani, Minister for Human Resource Development, Government of India, 28 February 2016

Smriti Irani, India’s Minister of Human Resources Development, named Sarmila in her speech in the Lok Sabha (Lower House) during the parliamentary debate on freedom of speech and made incorrect claims about the contents of her book on the 1971 war. Sarmila’s response in Scroll can be read here.

  • ‘Is India’s potential Prime Minister driven by anti-Muslim prejudice?’ Aljazeera, 24/11/13
  • ‘Mau Mau to Midnapore: confronting the brutality of empire’, Aljazeera, 24/1/13
  • ‘Chagos: heart of an American empire?’ Aljazeera, 15/3/12
  • ‘Suu Kyi’s choice’, Aljazeera, 23/1/12
  • ‘Sick Men of South Asia’, Newsweek Pakistan, 23/12/11
  • ‘Murder Most Foul’, The Telegraph, 27/3/11
  • ‘A far better option’, The Telegraph, 7/4/10
  • ‘Indians will vote, but will they really get democracy?’, The Times, 10/4/09
  • After the publication of the Mukherjee Commission’s report on the disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in 1945:

‘Death by War’, Feature, The Telegraph, 28/5/06

  • Photographs of victims of the 1971 war in East Pakistan/Bangladesh turn out to be falsely represented by the nationalist side and international media

‘The truth about the Jessore massacre’, Feature, The Telegraph, 19/3/06

  • How Bangladesh was outperforming West Bengal and India as a whole in health, school enrolment and gender parity

‘Left Behind – by Bangladesh’, Insight, The Telegraph, 2/10/05

  • On the step that finally neutralised the problem caused by the USA’s past actions – taking payment and then refusing to deliver the planes

‘The Right Stuff: F-16s to Pakistan is Wise Decision’, with W. B. Milam, Christian Science Monitor, 11/4/05

  • ‘Did Anybody Win?’ The Telegraph, 20/5/04
  • ‘Border Shaming Force’, Indian Express, 24/4/04
  • ‘Andhra Burning’, Insight, The Telegraph, 18/4/04
  • ‘Permanent Membership Not for India’, Business Standard, 27/11/03
  • ‘Can Gujarat Happen to Bengal?’, The Telegraph, 29/4/03
  • ‘Hindutva’s Willing Executioners’, The Telegraph, 10/12/02
  • ‘The Great Gujarat Experiment’, The Telegraph, 1/4/02
  • ‘A Tale of Two Shahs’, The Telegraph, 30/1/02
  • ‘Enough Guilt for Everyone’, The Spectator, 19/8/95